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Condition your body to improve snoring
What are the symptoms your partner know about you but you don’t? Snoring! When your partner is enjoying his good night sleep, you might be tossing and turning due to the loud snoring coming out. In reality, the person snoring may be experiencing discomfort too if he or she has sleep apnea. It happens when the airways are not flowing smoothly during sleep making loud sounds of breathing. If it is severe, it will stop breathing intermittently severely affecting quality of sleep. It will cause symptoms such as fatigue after waking up, concentration difficulties, and memory loss.
The cause of snoring may be obstruction of airflow caused by fatty tongue, swelling of the nasal mucosa. Overweight people tend to snore because they tend to have phlegm and dampness body constitutions. The dampness in the body coupled with asthenic spleen can lead to fatigue and snoring. Those with weak lung qi are also prone to snoring due to weak respiratory system. People with weak breath may also develop nasal discharge due to a poor airway flow.
If you want to improve the snoring situation, you can start by changing your sleeping position. Try lying on your side to make your tongue less prone to going backward and reduce the obstruction of the airways. Eat less cold/raw, oily and spicy food because it will damage the spleen and stomach’s transport function and cause phlegm and dampness in the body. For snoring due to phlegm and dampness, it is advisable to eat ingredients that can dispel phlegm such as white/green radish, Chinese yam, dried citrus peel. For snoring due to qi deficiency, it is advisable to eat ingredients that can replenish qi such as codonopsis root, hairy fig root and white rice. You can also press on Ying Xiang Point, Beautiful bulge point and Zu San Li Point to condition your body type. If the symptoms of sleep apnea are severe, you should seek medical attention.

Ying Xiang Point
Effects: clears stuffed nose, expels wind and stops runny nose. Relieves nasal allergies
Location: at the level of the midpoint of the lateral part of the nasal wing

Beautiful bulge point
Effects: relieves phlegm and dampness, constipation and edema.
Location: outer calves above the ankle, two fingers widths from your tibia.

Zu San Li Point
Effects: strengthens the spleen and stomach, clears heat and dispels dampness
Location: on the anterior aspect of the lower leg, four-finger breadth below knee cap.

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