December 31, 2017



– 人工高﹣又是年尾升職加薪的時候,祝大家2018人工創新高!
– 福利高﹣除了人工外,福利也很重要,福利高高假期go go!
– 旅行go﹣假期多了,自然可以旅行go go go!
– 桃花高﹣友情、愛情,親情順暢無拗撬!
– 運氣高﹣幸運一條龍!
– 鼻樑高﹣髮線不要高,但鼻樑絕對可以高!
– 脂肪go﹣祝各位(包括自己)2018脂肪不要再痴身,快快遠離身體!
– 病痛go﹣當然少不了身體健康,

CheckCheckCin,先檢後茶,跟著體質去養生,自然病痛都go away喇!


2018 Eight Goals
– higher salary: end of the year means promotions and salary reviews, hope everyone will have higher compensation in 2018!
– greater benefits: aside from salary, benefits are important too!
– longer vacations: better benefits might mean more time off for vacations!
– juicier love life: hope you have smooth relationships around you!
– better luck: everyone can use some extra luck!
– taller nose: you don’t want your hair line to recede but a taller nose is always welcomed!
– slimmer body: hope everyone (including myself) will say good bye to any extra fat in 2018!
– healthier you- last but not least, we hope everyone will continue healthy living by checking their bodies first and say bye to those body issues! Let’s CheckCheckCin!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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