June 1, 2021



坐月常識Q&A – 生活篇






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Confinement Month Q&A – lifestyle edition

Q:Can we use the air-conditioner during confinement?
A: The Hong Kong summer is warm and humid. New moms, who abide by the traditional confinement practices blindly, tend to avoid using the air-conditioner. They inevitably sweat a lot, and this causes poor hygiene. To ensure the enclosed space is comfortable and has good air ventilation, adjust the temperature of the air-conditioner to 24-26 degree Celsius. It is also important to make sure the cool air does not blow directly at the moms and the babies.

Q:Why should moms avoid touching water that is not boiled during confinement?
A: The older generation believes that once moms come into contact with unboiled water during confinement, the cold air would invade the body easily, causing them to suffer from aversion to cold and backache. It is actually fine to clean the body with warm water but make sure we wipe it dry after that.

Q:Can we take this opportunity to lose weight?
A: It is best not to lose weight after giving birth because the body needs time to recuperate. Improper diets can cause stagnation of the blood due to coldness in the body and lochia discharge to retain in the body.

Not having proper diets can also lead to attack from cold air pathogens and in turn cause new moms to catch a flu and cold or experience dizziness. You should only start your weight loss regime about six months later after delivery.

Do consume an appropriate quantity of ingredients that can strengthen the spleen, nourish the qi, and eliminate dampness from the body. You should also exercise regularly to shed some pounds in a healthier manner.

Q:Should we cover ourselves up when we decide to go out during confinement?
A: Women who are still in confinement should stay home and rest as much as possible, but if there is a need to go out, they must keep themselves warm and avoid being exposed to wind and chill.

According to Chinese Medicine theories, wind pathogen is the catalyst of many illnesses. Since moms during confinement are already have weak qi and blood, they may experience the symptoms of ‘yue nei feng’ in Mandarin (literally means ‘wind during confinement’) such as dizziness, common cold, and cold limbs. So put on a sweater or bring along an extra hoodie if the place you are travelling to is air-conditioned.

Q:Do we have to go through confinement after an abortion or miscarriage?
A: Be it abortion or miscarriage, going through confinement is necessary to help the body recuperate. Just like new moms after childbirth, it is important to eat and stay healthy.

Nourish the body to improve the functions of the spleen and stomach, invigorate the blood and clear blood stasis, and clear the lochia discharge from the body. Take this opportunity to replenish the yin and nourish the blood, strengthen lower back and nourish the kidneys, and above all, soothe your emotions accordingly.

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