March 12, 2017




Yellow Pee means heaty?
When you have this condition, you should first try to remember what you have eaten recently. Foods with more carotene, such as carrot, pumpkin, papaya and rhubarb, or some kinds of medication can cause urine to become dark yellow or even orange. If you haven’t eaten any suspicious foods, then you also have to examine if you are drinking too little. From Chinese medicine perspective, those with hepatopyrexia, excessive stomach ‘qi’, lung ‘qi’ deficiency, or kidney ‘qi’ deficiency can have yellow pee. People with liver/gallbladder disease or hepatitis can also experience the same. If yellow urination persists over time, it will be important to seek medical advice. Don’t assume you are too hot internally and drink too much cooling herbal tea as it may cause your body to be even more asthenic.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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