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「立春」節氣標誌著新一年來臨,春天有舒暢、升發、條達的季節特點,宜適量進食辛溫發散食材如蔥、芫茜、洋蔥、芽菜、韭菜、茼蒿等,有助促進陽氣升發。春屬木,與肝相應,肝火因春天陽氣生發之象而更旺盛,肝主情志, 不宜壓抑情緒或急燥易怒發脾氣,須找到適合自己的抒發方式。




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Start of Spring Solar Term marks the beginning of a New Year, and the spring season symbolizes comfort, growth and smooth. Consume an appropriate amount of hot and spicy ingredients like spring onion, coriander, onion, bean sprouts, chives, and garland chrysanthemum, as they can spur the accumulation of the yang energy in the body.

Spring belongs to the wood element and is closely associated with the liver. Since the heat in the liver would intensify when the yang energy builds up during spring, we should properly relieve our emotions and not get agitated easily, as the liver governs our emotions.

Healthy living during beginning of Spring:
“Raise and strengthen yang qi. Regulate qi in the liver.”

Rose: Reduces stress, promotes qi and activates blood.
Dried citrus peel: Regulate qi and strengthen the spleen, remove dampness and resolve phlegm

Rose and dried citrus peel tea
Effects: Reduces stress. Regulate qi and strengthen the spleen.
Ingredients: 4 rose, 1 dried citrus peel, honey to taste
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Place rose and dried citrus peel into thermos. Rinse with hot water. Add in hot water and steep for 10 minutes. You can re-brew this tea until its flavor weakens.
Note: As rose can activate blood, it is not suitable for menstruating women.

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