March 11, 2018


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做法:洗淨材料後,鍋內加入約 800-1000毫升水,以武文煮滾後調文火煮20-30分鐘。

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Which type of eczema do you have?
There are three types of eczema- acute, subacute, and chronic.
Acute is from damp-heat, subacute is from asthenic spleen and dampness retention, and chronic due to blood asthenia and dry wind.
Eczema happens for those with phlegm and dampness or damp heat body types, or those with poor dietary habits with long term frequent consumption of spicy and stimulating foods to hurt the spleen and stomach. When the body cannot transport the fluid in the body, they can turn into heat in the spleen and stomach to affect the body’s ability to digest and absorb leading to damp-heat symptoms such as bitter taste in mouth, canker sores, acne, thirst without desire to drink, poor appetite, tightness in chest, low volume and yellow urination, skin allergies or eczema. These tea remedies can help to relieve different eczema symptoms. If the conditions is serious, it is recommended to see a doctor.
Characteristics: isolated areas of redness on skin, burning heat, itchy and uncomfortable, may be accompanied by seepage. Usually accompanied by yellow urination, dry or sticky stool.
Suggestion: 10g smilax, 10g fructus kochiae, cook for 20 minutes. Pour all contents into thermos, rebrew until flavor weakens.
Asthenic spleen with dampness
Characteristics: Water blisters on skin with seepage, dull in color. Affected person has yellowish complexion, poor appetite, and loose stool.
Suggestion: Rice water (2 tablespoon red rice, half tablespoon white rice, half tablespoon coix seeds)
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients and cook with 800-1000ml of water on high heat until boiling. Simmer on low heat for 20-30 minutes.
Blood stasis with dry wind-
Characteristics: coarse and thick skin, dull in color or peeling, dry with cracks. Usually accompanied by dull complexion. Prone to chronic reoccurrences.
Suggestion: 10g forsythia, 10g red peony root, 10g nepeta, cook for 20 minutes. Pour all contents into thermos and rebrew until flavor weakens.

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