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Getting sore throat all the time during summer?
 “I have not had any deep fried foods lately, but my throat hurts all the time. Is this a common issue during summer?”

CheckCheckCin: Despite having normal diets, we might still end up with excessive heat when exposed to the hot summer weather. 
The condition might get worse when we stay up late, consume alcohol, eat junk food, feel stressed, have lack of rest, and are exposed to the scorching sun. Heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, dry mouth, bad oral odor, hard stools, and even fever might develop.

We can consume fruits that are slightly cool in nature. For instance, dragon fruit and watermelon. We can also have apples, which is mild in nature. Drinking herbal teas such as corn silk tea, sour plum soup, and juice made from bamboo cane, cogongrass, and red carrot can also clear heat.

Avoid hotpot, barbecue, deep fried and greasy foods, or any foods that are warm in nature. If the condition persists, consult registered and licensed Chinese physicians.

Sugar cane water with carrot and chine
Effects: clears heat, dispels dampness and strengthens the spleen. Suitable for those with heat-related symptoms such as odorous breath, pimple on the scalp, sore throat, and canker sores.
Ingredients: 2 carrots, 4 sugar canes, 300g chine, 30g coix seed
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Peel sugar cane and carrot and cut into pieces. Cut chine into short pieces. Combine all ingredients into approximately 1500ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 40 mins. Add rock sugar to taste.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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