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花膠 — 性平,能滋陰養顏,補腎益精。因為有滋潤功效,過量食用易累積濕氣,使脾胃虛弱,更可能出現被倦、水腫等問題。要注意脾虛痰濕、濕熱、容易消化不良、胃脹不適、感冒未清都不適宜食用。較適合陰虛、體質虛弱人士適量食用。

滴雞精 — 性熱,能補益氣血,暖胃。滴雞精是濃縮版燉湯,功效比普通雞湯更要滋補濃厚,適合久病、氣血虛弱人士適量飲用。由於雞屬性偏熱,體內有偏熱症狀如口乾、口苦、出口瘡等人士不宜飲用,感冒期間、濕熱、痰濕體質也不適合。燉湯經長時間熬煮,屬高嘌呤食物,如果不按體質需要每天飲用,有可能誘發痛風症狀。


Improve chance of conception with fish maw and chicken essence?
You should be preparing well now if you want a baby in year of the pig. A lot of people have different ideas about what to do when they’re trying to conceive and many ladies will seek different advice on the topic. One of the common advice is to have tonic foods such as fish maw and chicken essence. Do those really help with conception?

Fish maw- mild in nature, nourishes yin and improves skin, replenishes kidneys. Due to its effect to nourish and moisten, having too much can lead to dampness stagnation in the body. This leads to asthenic weak spleen and stomach, and even fatigue and edema. Fish maw is not suitable for those with asthenic spleen, phlegm and dampness or damp heat body types, those who are prone to indigestion, abdominal discomfort, and those who are recovering from flu and cold. It is suitable for those with yin deficiency and asthenic weak body types.

Chicken essence- hot in nature, replenishes qi and blood, warms the stomach. Chicken essence is a concentrated steamed soup so it is even more nourishing than your normal chicken soup. It it suitable for those with chronic illness and those with asthenic weak qi and blood. As chicken is hot in nature, it is not suitable for those with heat related symptoms such as dry mouth, bitterness in taste, and canker sores. It is also not suitable for those recovering from cold or flu, those with damp heat or phlegm and dampness body types. As steamed soup is cook over a long period of time, it is considered high in purine and if not taken according to body type, it may trigger gout.

A lot of modern urbanites tend to have over nutritious diets rather than malnutrition so blinding eating tonic food to conceive may be too much. If you are concerned your body type is causing difficulty with conception, you should seek a practitioner advice to properly manage it.

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