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Exercise to dispel dampness during an eczema outbreak

“Summer’s here, and I keep having eczema flare-ups. I do not dare to exercise since sweating is supposed to improve the circulation of qi and invigorate the blood, and I’m afraid this might worsen the eczema outbreak.”

CheckCheckCin: According to the Chinese Medicine theories, patients with eczema are normally individuals with the phlegm-dampness and damp heat body constitutions, or those who with a weak spleen, dampness in the body, or wind-dryness due to blood deficiency.

During an eczema outbreak, we can still exercise as usual. Exercising can improve the circulation of qi and blood, and it does not exacerbate the condition. In fact, sweating is a way to dispel dampness from the body and can expedite recovery.

An itch on the affected areas might become more apparent after the exercise due to the heat the body gives out. To relieve the itch, all we need to do is wipe away our sweat and change into clean clothes as soon as possible.

It is also important to stay hydrated. Do not forget to apply lotion on your body after shower. Do note that being constantly under stress can also cause eczema to flare up. While working out can eliminate dampness from the body, it can also help the body release endorphins to relieve stress. Start exercising now!

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