February 2, 2018



看到報導說「國際發呆大賽」 將首度登陸香港,只要成功在90分鐘內徹底放鬆並穩定放空狀態,維持心跳平均,就有可能成為香港發呆王!這個比賽看似搞笑,原來是為了推廣放空的重要性,因為只有甚麼都不想,才可以釋放壓力。現代人工作、家庭壓力沉重,車水馬龍,身在石屎森林都已讓人很壓抑,但相信未必人人可以瀟灑地放下一切裸辭去,但每個星期六發呆一下定必輕易得多。中醫其實也鼓勵大家有時間就去發呆一下,讓情緒平和,放鬆心情,不論是靜坐、平躺都可以,只專注於呼吸就可以,教你一個簡單吐吶法,有時間就來發呆一下,時間長短隨意,最重要是甚麼也不要想!


Zoning out is healthy
The international space-out competition is coming to Hong Kong. If you can be completely relaxed in 90 minutes keeping a consistent heart rate, then you may be the winner! This competition seems random, but it is to promote the importance of letting go. People have stress from work and at home, most people cannot just leave and take off. But to spend some time on Saturdays just zoning out, it’s quite doable. Chinese medicine also encourages such behavior to relax the mind. Whether it’s sitting quietly or lying dow, just focus on your breathing to relax. Here’s a simple Daoist breathing technique, try zoning out and relax for a while!

Zone out in three steps
1. When breathing, inhale slowly from your nose and try to lengthen the time
2. Exhale slowly through your mouth and compress your abdomen
3. While you are exhaling, put your hand on your belly button and 1.5 inch below it.

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