March 12, 2021




早晨總是美好的,為了拍一張完美的起床照,特別早起一小時化妝,然後跳回床上自拍,只為po一張相及加一個#GoodMorning Hashtag。


無論是在Cafe吃Brunch、去酒樓食點心、或是去酒店食Buffet,一定要等到全部餐點到齊,放好放滿整張枱,站高影幾張Flat lay,全枱人要獲得批准才可以開始吃。



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How far do you go with photos to win likes?
A list of awkward behaviors when checking-in on IG

If your significant other enjoys taking photos and checking-in on IG, sometimes you just have to tolerate their behavior, and even turn a blind eye to some of these habits.

.Put on makeup and return to bed to take a photo
Morning is the best time of the day. In order to take a nice photo, some people might wake up an hour earlier to do makeup, then get back into bed just to take a photo with #GoodMorning.

.Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast on bed
Laying on a large bed in a hotel room with a French window, a person may curl up under a cozy blanket with breakfast spread all over the bed. He or she is either enjoying a cup of coffee or reading an English daily. Isn’t it quite a nice view?

.Food everywhere
Whether the person is enjoying brunch in a cafe, dimsum in a restaurant, or buffet in a hotel, he or she will wait for all the dishes to arrive and arrange them properly for the photo. The person will then stand up high and take a flat lay shot. No one is allowed to touch the food unless he or she is satisfied with the photos.

.Buy English books as décor
In order to present a cultured image to the followers, the person will always have stacks of English books or magazines around the house. Besides placing them on the bookshelf as décor, he or she will use them as props for food photography.

.Staring into the distance by a cliff
Hiking seems to be trendy lately. Dressed in proper hiking gears, some people will sit by the edge of a seemingly dangerous cliff and stare into the distance. Have you taken a photo like this before?

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