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KO the annoying acne scars
“I have an acne outbreak recently, and I always squeeze the pimples out to get rid of them. Yet, these acne always leave scars on the skin.”

CheckCheckCin: No doubt squeezing the acne can be quite satisfying, but we are squeezing the inflamed hair follicles and sebaceous glands at the same time. This is how acne scars occur, and we will have a hard time getting rid of them.

Individuals with the qi-stagnation and blood stasis constitutions will experience blood stagnation beneath the skin, forming marks that are red or brown. Hence, it is important to invigorate the blood and clear the stasis.

To do so, we can consume ingredients such as common peony root, salvia root, safflower, motherwort, rose flower, and Chinese hawthorn. Other ingredients that can invigorate the blood and clear blood stasis are lotus root, Chinese hawthorn, black fungus, and chives. These ingredients can improve the circulation of qi and blood, which can reduce appearance of acne scars.

Avoid eating raw, cold, and spicy food as they can affect the circulation of the qi and blood. Last but not least, resist the urge of squeezing the acne if you experience another outbreak in the future!

Tea remedy for pimple marks
Effects: clears heat, activates and cools blood and reduces dark pimple marks
Ingredients: 9g peony root, 9g red peony root, 9g salvia root
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 30 minutes. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days. Two weeks for a treatment.
Note: not suitable for pregnant women.

✔CheckCheckCin Beauty Tea Recommendation: Dark Circles
Ingredients: Fried black bean, raisin, peppermint
Effects: Promotes blood circulation to eliminate blood stasis. Suitable for dark circles, dull complexion and lip colour and pimple marks

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