November 23, 2020




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Is earwax the cause of itchy ear canal?
We will naturally rub our ears when they are itchy, but how about the ear canal? Do you use Q-tip or ear pick to get the job done? Itchy ear canal could be caused by accumulation of earwax, which might trigger the nerves along the canal’s exterior; it might also itch when water enters by accident and cause a bacterial or viral infection.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, itchy ear canal is related to the hot wind and dampness pathogens, asthenic blood and dryness, as well as yin deficiency in the kidney.

Individuals under the influence of the hot wind and dampness pathogens will normally experience swelling and discomfort, low-frequency tinnitus, redness and burning sensation on auricle (the visible part of the ear), and pus in the ear. People with these conditions must eliminate wind, heat, dampness and toxins from the body.

As for individuals with blood deficiency and dryness in the body, their auricle would be dry and thick; the skin might peel off easily. They may also experience appetite loss and fatigue, and need to nourish the blood, eliminate wind in the body, as well as strengthen the spleen and the stomach.

People with yin deficiency in the kidney will feel an unbearable itch. Other accompanying symptoms are ear swelling and discomfort; cicada-like noise in the ear, backache, tinnitus and dizziness; therefore, they need to replenish to the kidney and clear the heat from the body.

It is not advisable to clean ear canal on your own, as you might risk causing inflammation. In order to relieve the itch, try messaging the tragus (the small pointed eminence of the external ear) or earlobes. Seek medical advice from registered and licensed Chinese medicine practitioner for long-term solutions, as they will be able to monitor the ear canal’s situation using professional medical equipment, and customize the right treatment for you.

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