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Try to make your own skin whitening facial mask
Many Chinese medicines carry the word “white” in their names, and they do have skin-whitening properties. The famous imperial beauty formula contains “seven types of white powder”, which refers to the Chinese name for these herbs all happen to start with word ‘white’,
namely radix angelicae formosanae, white peony root, the tuber of hyacinth bletilla, poria etc., when they are all grinded into a powder.

These Chinese medicines contain skin-whitening properties, can tackle dark spot problems and rejuvenate dull skin. To prepare your own skin-whitening facial mask, consider using the ingredients mentioned above, mix them with cheese, milk, honey or egg white, and turn them into a paste so you can apply onto your face. These ingredients can be found in Chinese medicine stores, you can request the shopkeeper to grind them into powder form. Use an appropriate amount of the ingredients when preparing the DIY masks. Also, you should only buy Chinese herbs which have not been preserved with sulphur.

DIY whitening mask
Effects: whitens skin and lightens marks, lightens freckle and improves yellowish complexion.
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon poria powder, 1 teaspoon radix angelicae formosanae powder, 1 teaspoon coix seed powder, plain yogurt
Preparation: mix all ingredients and apply onto face after cleansing. Rinse with water after 10 minutes.
Note: Please test for allergic reaction on wrist or behind the ears prior to applying onto face

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