May 11, 2020



天氣漸熱,大家也感受到夏天的來臨了,從中醫角度來看,春夏交替,肝氣漸弱,心氣漸強 。夏天屬火,與心相應,養生重點要轉移到養心之上,養心需要靜養,正所謂「心靜自然涼」,靜則生陰,所以在夏天要適當調節心情,不宜過喜過悲,因為「過喜傷心」。夏天宜減慢生活節奏、避免進行太激烈的活動,「汗為心之液」,出汗太多易耗氣傷津,運動後要多喝水即時補充水分。運動宜選擇行山、散步、慢步等較溫和的運動,以避免大量出汗。


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Calm the heart and mind in summer
It is becoming warmer which tells us that summer is coming. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, as you go from spring to summer, liver qi may weaken, and heart qi will strengthen. Eat lighter and less cold/raw food to reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach to prevent digestive issues that tend to happen during the summer. Summer corresponds to fire and heart. The focus of healthy living should be shifted to nourish the heart. The heart needs to be nourished gradually. Try to adjust your mood appropriately to avoid being overly happy or sad as the extremes can hurt your heart. Slow down in summer and avoid doing intense activities. ‘Sweat is the heart’s fluid’. Excessive sweating will result in loss of qi and fluid. Drink plenty of water right after exercising. You should do mild exercises such as hiking, taking a walk, jogging, etc. to avoid over sweating.
The summer diet should be light. Do not always drink and eat thick sauced foods such as fried and oily food or cheesy tea, and do not eat too much tonic foods. The hot weather makes people want to drink cold drinks and eat ice cream to clear the summer heat, these ice products can bring you temporary relief, but cold/raw food may hurt the spleen and stomach. You should appropriate consume ingredients that can clear the heat and dispel dampness to relieve the summer heat, such as winter melon, watermelon, cucumber, luffa.

✔Recommendation: Red bean rice water
Effects: gives a rosy complexion, calms the mind and improves sleep, replenishes blood and nourishes the stomach

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