November 30, 2019




1. 升降時雙手掩耳並張開口
2. 打呵欠
3. 吞口水
4. 飲水
5. 食香口膠
6. 合上嘴巴,捏住鼻子,然後輕輕用鼻呼氣

Six ways to pop your ears on airplane
Air pressure changes during take off and landing can easily make the ear uncomfortable, with issues such as earache and clogged ear. The human ear has the function of balancing pressure in the ear and outside the ear. The air pressure will change rapidly when taking off and landing, our inner ear cannot balance the air pressure quickly and the eardrum cannot vibrate well, which is we will feel ear pain. In addition to taking the plane, this situation may occur when taking the elevator to higher floors. If you want to alleviate ear discomfort immediately, you can suck on something or swallow to quickly balance the air pressure inside and outside the ear. Foods containing mint can also help relieve earache, such as peppermint and chewing gum. So be ready before taking plane.

When the plane is taking off or landing, try the following things to relieve earache:
1. Cover your ears and open your mouth while the plane is taking off or landing
2. Yawn
3. Swallow your saliva
4. Drink water
5. Chew gum
6. Close your mouth, pinch your nose, and gently exhale with your nose

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