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西瓜 — 性寒,生津止渴、解暑利尿,適合飲酒過多、醉酒之人食用。
香蕉 — 性涼,清熱、解酒、通便。
蘋果 — 性平,生津止渴、順氣醒酒。
橙 — 性涼,潤肺止渴、理氣化痰,適合煩熱醉酒者食用。
梨 — 性涼,生津潤燥、清熱化痰、解酒。

– 穀類食材有養胃功效,飲酒前宜先進食米飯、粥、麵、麵包等打底
– 避免同時飲用不同酒類
– 喝酒時不忘補充水份
– 喝酒速度宜慢不宜快
– 少酌一兩杯就好了

Five fruits to help fight a party hangover
Year end parties keep coming and many have great food and wine. You may have an extra glass or two and end up feeling sick with hangover symptoms such as nausea, dry lips, headaches, abdominal discomfort, fatigue and inability to concentrate etc. Many people choose soda, strong tea, or drinks with electrolytes to combat hangover, and the effectiveness may vary by person.
From Chinese medicine perspective, alcohol is hot natured. When you have a little bit, it can help to improve qi and blood circulation. Having too much can lead to dampness stagnation in the body with phlegm and heat affecting the functions of liver and spleen. To combat hangover, you can start with clearing heat and promoting fluid production. Have a cup of American ginseng tea, mung bean water, or chrysanthemum tea to help alleviate the symptoms. These five common fruits can also help relieve hangover with consumed appropriately.
Watermelon- cold in nature, promotes fluid production and relieves thirst, relieve summer heat and promote diuresis. Suitable for those who drank too much and have hangover.
Bananas- cool in nature, clears heat, relieves hangover, relieves constipation.
Apples- mild in nature, promotes fluid production and relieves thirst, smoothen qi and relieves hangover.
Oranges- cool in nature, moistens the lungs and relieves thirst, regulates qi and relieves phlegm. Suitable for those with irritable heat and hangover.
Pears- cool in nature, promotes fluid production and relieves dryness, clears heat and relieves phlegm, relieves hangover.
Tips when drinking:
– Grains can nourish the stomach and you can have some rice, congee, noodles or bread before drinking.
– Avoid drinking different types of alcohol at the same time
– Remember to stay hydrated when drinking
– Slow down your alcohol consumption
– Enjoy the occasion with just 1-2 glasses

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