April 25, 2018

【星期四食材-去芯蓮子vs蓮子芯vs 新鮮蓮子】






Are lotus seeds better with or without core?

Lotus seed is a very common ingredient of soup and it can help to calm the mind, strengthen the spleen and replenish the kidneys. It’s affordable and very healthy. There are ones with and without core, dried and fresh, so what are the differences and which one is suitable for various body constitutions?

Coreless lotus seed- mild in nature, calms the mind, strengthens the spleen to relieve diarrhea and replenishes the kidneys. It is especially good for those with heart qi deficiency, insomnia, asthenic weak spleen and stomach, loose stool, and ladies with high volume of vaginal discharge. Note it is not suitable for those with dry stool and qi stagnation.

Lotus seed core- it is the green core inside lotus seeds and mainly used as a medicinal herb. It is bitter and many choose to have lotus seed without core to avoid the bitterness. The core can clear heat and can alleviate symptoms of canker sores, constipation, and helps to improve sleep quality.

Fresh lotus seed- its healing effects are the same as dried lotus seed but the taste is more refreshing and sweet, texture is softer.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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