April 7, 2020




Correctly dispel spring dampness
You cannot seem to find your energy when it is raining outside. You may feel more fatigued when you stay at home everyday. This “spring fatigue” is not an illness but a body state due to changes in weather. Humid spring can lead dampness stagnation and cause poor qi circulation. The body cannot transport fluid in the body properly making it hard to dispel excess fluids in the body. This causes symptoms such as limbs fatigue, poor appetite, difficulty passing stool, edema. The body feels fatigued as if it is wrapped by a wet and heavy towel, how can you move when that happens?
Some people mistakenly believe that turning up the air conditioning can relieve spring fatigue. However, from Chinese medicine perspective, it becomes a wind pathogen. Being blown by air conditioning will cause the skin pores to function abnormally, affecting the body’s ability to perspire, and increase the accumulation of damp pathogens in the body. The lowered temperature can damage yang qi, and the cold pathogen can attack which leads to cold and dampness body state.
If you want to reduce humidity, you should use a dehumidifier. The relative humidity of 50-60% is most comfortable. If you want to dispel dampness in the body, it is recommended to drink the rice water made with red rice, white rice and coix seeds daily to strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness. You can also consume ingredients such as poria, Chinese yam, hyacinth bean. Eat less cold/raw, cool and cold natured ingredients and sweet foods to prevent phlegm. Follow daylight availability by getting up earlier and sunbathe to help dispel dampness. Properly exercise and sweat appropriately to reduce body dampness accumulation and reduce the impact of spring fatigue on the body.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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