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「青入肝」,肝臟是負責排毒的器官,主要功能「疏泄」與「藏血」。 疏泄包含了精神情緒、消化,以及與氣血的流通;而藏血則包括了血液的儲藏及調節。綠色食物如芹菜、苦瓜、枸杞葉、綠豆等都有養肝、清熱解毒、利尿的功效,適量進食這些綠色食物,有助排出體內毒素,尤其適合經常熬夜人士,因為凌晨1至3時為肝的值班時間,這段時間睡覺可以讓肝進行修護工作,全身氣血會歸於肝,由肝來濾化血液。一旦熬夜,在這段時間沒有休息,加重肝臟負擔,進而影響其他臟腑的運作,如果無可避免要熬夜,不妨適量進食綠色養肝解毒食物,減低損害。

芹菜 — 性涼,有清熱平肝、健胃利水,更有降血壓及血脂的功效,尤其適合肝火旺盛人士食用,症狀包括面紅目赤、口苦、頭暈等。芹菜性涼,脾胃虛寒者不易多吃。

苦瓜 — 性寒,有袪暑解熱、清心明目的功效,可紓緩咽喉腫痛、目赤等偏熱症狀,糖尿病人同樣合適,脾胃虛寒者不宜多吃。

枸杞葉 — 性涼,有養肝明目、清熱止渴、補虛益精的功效,由於性涼,大便稀薄者不宜吃。

綠豆 — 性寒,具清熱解毒、消暑祛濕功效,有助紓緩中暑、水腫、皮膚痕癢等症狀,適合濕熱體質人士服用。惟注意胃寒、便溏久瀉人士不宜服用。

Green ingredients to nourish kidneys and detox
According to the ancient Chinese Medicine principles, the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water can correspond to the five internal organs of the body: liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney. Green, red, yellow, white, and black are the five corresponding colours. If you eat more ingredients of related colors, you can nourish the five internal organs to achieve health effects.
Green corresponds to the liver. The liver is the organ responsible for detoxification. The main functions of the liver are to “vent” and to “hold blood”. Venting is the circulation of mental and emotions, digestion, qi and blood. Holding blood is storage and regulation of blood.
Green ingredients such as celery, bitter gourd, wolfberry leaves and mung beans have the effects of nourishing the liver, clearing heat and detoxifying, and promoting diuresis. Appropriately consuming these green ingredients can help to eliminate toxins from the body. It is especially suitable for people who stay up late frequently, as the liver is on duty from 1 to 3am. Sleeping during this period allows the liver to perform repair work. Qi and blood will return to the liver and be filtered accordingly. When you stay up late and have no rest during this period, the burden on liver increases and can affect the functions of other internal organs. If you have to stay up late, you should appropriately consume green ingredients to nourish liver and detox to reduce damage.

Celery- cold in nature, can clear heat, calm the liver, strengthen the stomach and promote diuresis. Celery lowers blood pressure and blood lipids. It is especially suitable for people with strong liver fire with symptoms such as red flushed face, eye redness, bitterness in taste, and dizziness. As it is cold in nature, it is not suitable for those with asthenic spleen and stomach.

Bitter gourd- cold in nature, it can clear summer heat, clear the heart and improve eyesight. It can relieve the heat-related symptoms such as sore throat and redness in eyes. It is suitable for those with diabetes. Those with asthenic spleen and stomach should not have too much.

Wolfberry leaves- cold in nature, they can nourish kidneys, improve eyesight, clear heat, relieve thirst, replenish asthenia and strengthen the essence. As it is cold in nature, it is not suitable for those with loose stool.

Mung bean- cold in nature, clears heat and removes toxins, relieves summer heat and dispels dampness. It can relieve symptoms of heat stroke, edema, and itchy skin. Suitable for those with damp heat body type. Not suitable for those with cold stomach, loose stool and long-term diarrhea. 

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