August 16, 2019


(T:註冊營養師 @tsheknutritionTiffany Shek,C:註冊中醫師Cinci EC)



Can diabetic patients have rice water? 
(T: Tiffany Shek, Registered Dietitian, C: Cinci EC, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

T: Individuals with diabetes are allowed to consume carbohydrate-rich foods, including rice water. The key is to control the amount of carbohydrates ingested per meal and the timing of meals. Additionally, weight management is required for optimal management of diabetes. You can inquire with a dietitian to find out what might suit you best. 

C: Chinese medicine believes diabetes is accompanied by excessive eating and drinking but still very slim and weak, as well as excessive urination. Diabetes exhausts three parts of the body usually. Upper exhaustion would have lung heat, and the symptoms would be excessive thirst. Middle exhaustion would have stomach heat, and the symptom is hunger even after a full meal. Lower exhaustion would be deficiency in kidney yin and the symptom is frequent urination.
From a dietary perspective, diabetic people should stop eating high sugar fruits and cakes, decrease carbohydrate intake, avoid spicy, fried, oily and tonic foods. Chinese medicine manages diabetes by balancing yin and yang, qi and blood. Treatment course should be determined based on body type and symptoms.
The ingredients of rice water are red rice, white rice and coix seeds. The raw ingredients serving for one person per day is about two tablespoons of rice. The starch intake is less when drinking rice water, and rice water is mild in nature. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, drinking rice water can strengthen spleen and stomach and dispel dampness. It is recommended that the patients with diabetes should consult the registered dietitian before drinking rice water!

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