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– 濕手前先戴上全棉手套,再戴膠手套隔絕清潔劑的刺激
– 洗手水溫不應過熱,應在20°C至25°C之間
– 選用無刺激性、含油的中性保濕洗手液
– 洗手後立即塗不含刺激物的補濕護手霜
– 避免使用酒精搓手液,以免令皮膚乾上加乾
– 配合體質,適量服用滋陰潤燥、清熱袪濕的食物
– 一家人一起分擔家務吧


Treatment for ‘Housewives Hands’
“I am always exposed to water and detergent due to housework. The housewives hands problem is getting worse. How can I get my pretty hands back?”

CheckCheckCin: Many people are always exposed water and detergent with chemicals. Their hands are red, swollen and have blisters. They cannot help to scratch their hands and eventually their hands also bleed. This happens to a lot of housewives who do housework. It also happen to those who are in contact with water and cleaning solutions such as hair stylists, chefs, and cleaners. From Chinese medicine perspective, the exposure to water leads to damp pathogen attack on the hands. As there is less fat on the skin of hands, they become dry which causes itch, redness and swelling, and early aging type of eczema and allergy like symptoms. To relieve this condition, you need to take care of yourself both internally and externally. Aside from reducing contact with the stimulant and moisturizing your hands, you should clear heat and dispel dampness, nourish yin and relieve dryness based on your body type.

Daily care of housewives hands:
– Wear cotton gloves first and then wear rubber gloves to isolate the stimulation from cleaning solutions.
– Hand washing water temperature should not be too hot and should be between 20°C and 25°C.
– Use non-irritating, neutral moisturizing hand wash that has oils
– Apply moisturizing and non-irritating hand cream immediately after washing hands.
– Avoid using alcohol hand sanitizers as those will worsen dryness.
– Appropriately consume food that can nourish yin, moisten dryness, clear heat and dispel dampness according to your body type.
– Ask family members to help with housework.

Tea remedy to clear heat and relieve itchy skin
Effect: Clears heat, dispels dampness and relieves itchy skin. Relieves redness and itchiness problem due to housewives hands.
Ingredients: 10g Chinese dittany bark, 6g fangfeng, 12g smilax
Method: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly, combine with 800ml of water in a pot and cook for 30 minutes.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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