September 2, 2018



無論你是暑假忙著帶小朋友到處玩樂或是上課的媽媽,終於等到盼到開學日的來臨了!從前孩子睡著就是媽媽的天堂,開學後,孩子上學時都是媽媽們的小確幸時間,無論想補眠、逛街、工作、靜靜地做家務或是甚麼都不做讓身心放空,總之就好好享受你值得擁有的Me Time。

Chill Out- Mommies can finally rest as summer holiday is over
You may have spent the summer bringing your children to play or to classes, and you can finally have a break as school is starting up again! Bed time used to be mommy’s heaven, but as school starts, mommies can catch up on sleep, work, housework, or just have some quiet time when children are in school. This is a much deserved ‘me time’ for all mommies!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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