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青瓜 — 又名黃瓜,性涼,有清熱利水、生津解渴、利尿的作用,適合身體有偏熱症狀、濕熱、陰虛及血瘀體質人士食用,氣虛、血虛、陽虛、痰濕及氣滯人士則不宜多吃。

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Rubbing the ends of the cucumber to remove its bitterness
When preparing cucumber, we would normally slice off the ends and rub them against the remaining part of the cucumber to release a white, foamy substance. Our mothers explained, by doing so, we can get rid of its bitterness. We often heeded the advice, but never really understood the logic behind.

Cucurbitaceae species such as cucumber and pumpkin contain cucurbitacin, which gives out the bitter taste to protect themselves of pests. Cucurbitacin often gathers on the skin and at the stem of the fruit, hence slicing the cucumber’s ends and rubbing them in a circular motion can remove the bitterness. Removing the cucumber skin can also do the trick.

The bitterness in cucumber is actually not obvious, but some are more bitter than others, depending on the weather and soil conditions they are grown in. In addition, individuals with sensitive taste buds can also tell the difference.

Cucumber – cool in nature, clears heat and promotes diuresis, promotes fluid production and relieves thirst. Suitable for those with heat-related symptoms, damp-heat, yin deficiency and blood stasis body types. Those with qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yang deficiency and qi stagnation should eat less.

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