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Sticky and glutinous foods may cause phlegm
When you were little, your mum may always remind you that “Eating candy can cause phlegm”. From Chinese medicine perspective, too much sweets will hurt the spleen and stomach. “The spleen produces phlegm and the lungs store the phlegm.” Dampness is not good for the spleen. Sweet foods are too moist for the spleen and will affect the transportation function of the spleen. Then it cannot transport the fluid and the stagnated dampness can cause phlegm. In addition to having phlegm stuck in our throat, it can also appear everywhere in the body leading to various illnesses.
Phlegm is a result of irregular organ function. When the body has dampness, you are also prone to having phlegm. And if you have preference for sweet foods, such as boba, glutinous rice dumpling, taro rice balls, rice cake, etc. mostly made with glutinous rice flour or tapioca flour, the stickiness can attach to the throat, and generate phlegm. If the weather is humid, or you have phlegm body condition, you should eat less sweet and sticky foods to reduce the chance of phlegm production. During this humid spring, let’s have a cup of “edema” tea remedy to strengthen the spleen, dispel dampness and relieve bloating.

Ingredients that can cause phlegm
Mochi, glutinous rice dumpling, rice cake, pearl, taro rice balls, sweet potato rice balls

[Recommendation for dispelling dampness ]
Edema tea remedy- strengthens spleen and dispels dampness, can relieve bloatedness, lower-body bloating, eye lid swelling
Price: $79 (5packs/box)

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