June 8, 2020




1. 昨晚煲韓劇哭了一場
2. 臨睡前口渴喝了兩杯水
3. 吃了個杯麵做宵夜
4. 和朋友歡聚酒喝多了

以下有幾個急救眼皮浮腫問題的方法, 但長遠還是要改善肺、脾及腎虛問題,尤其脾氣虛,平日嗜吃生冷食物、嗜甜及重口味食物、飲食不定時、經常用腦思慮過多都會損傷脾胃,以致水濕停滯體內而形成水腫,要改善體質首先要少吃生冷,適量進食益氣健脾食物例如白米、薯仔、淮山、蓮子、薏米、白扁豆等,每日飲一杯米水都有助健脾養胃。





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Causes of swollen eyes
Some people look sleepy at work even if they wear makeup, as their eyes are always puffy when they wake up in the morning. Their double eyelids may even suddenly change to single eyelids! There are many causes of swollen eyes. Which of the following are you guilty of?

1. Sobbing while you watch korean drama
2. Have 2 cups of water before going bed
3. Eat cup noodles for late night snack
4. Drink too much with friends

If you have swollen eyes even if you do not have above behaviour, you may have an asthenic spleen and dampness in body. Chinese medicine theory believes that the disorder of the lungs, spleen and kidneys will affect fluid transportation, dampness cannot be dispelled normally which leads to edema.

There are several quick methods to relieve swollen eyes, but in the long run, it is still necessary to improve the lung, spleen and kidney deficiency problems. This is especially true for those with spleen qi deficiency as they usually prefer cold/raw foods, sweet and thick sauced food, irregular diet time, and excessive thinking will harm the spleen and stomach. All this results in stagnation of dampness in the body and formation of edema. To improve the body condition, eat less raw/cold food first, and appropriately consume ingredients that can promote qi and strengthen the spleen such as white rice, potato, Chinese yam, lotus seed, coix seed, hyacinth bean. Drink a cup of rice water every day to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Reduce swollen eyes
Method 1: Cold spoon
Freeze the metal spoon in the refrigerator for more than 5 minutes. Put it on the eye socket, the cold helps to reduce swelling.

Method 2: massage Jing Ming Point
Effects: Improves blood circulation near the eye
Location: In the depression slightly above the inner canthus.
Method: Use your middle finger or index finger to gently apply pressure on skin in circular motion for 3 to 5 seconds and release. Repeat for 5-10 times.

✔ Recommendation: ‘Edema’ health tea
Ingredients: Chinese Yam, hyacinth bean coat, poria, dried citrus peel
Effects: Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness
Suitable for: Bloatedness, lower-body bloating, eye lid swelling
Price: $79/5 packs

✔ Recommendation: Dawn Rice Water
Effects: reduces water retention, relieves abdominal bloating, improves yellowish complexion

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