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位置: 頭頂正中線前髮際後5寸處,約兩耳尖直上頭頂中央。



4 acupoints to give yourself a boost
What is the worst that can happen in a meeting? You falling asleep! After lunch, you may be ready to really concentrate but food coma might hit. This type of normal biological issues can be quite annoying and you cannot exactly just slap yourself a couple times to wake yourself up. Here are four acupoints to keep you energized during a meeting. The important ones are at your ear and on your palms. You can press on them during your meeting and no one would know. 

There are many acupoints on our earlobes that flow through the entire body. The acupoints that corresponded brain and eyes are concentrated on ears. Try rubbing and gently pull on your earlobes to refresh yourself and improve eyesight.

Bai Hui Point
The head is where all the yang meridians meet. There are a lot of blood vessels and nerves on the top of the head. Massage around the Bai Hui Point can help to refresh your mind and restore energy.
Location: the midline of the head and 5 inches behind the hairline, in line with the apex of the ears

Spirit Gate
Spirit Gate is the door to the heart and mind. Massaging this acupoint has the effect of calming the mind and heart and refreshing your mind.
Location: at the crease on the wrist, extend from the little finger to the depressed point at the end of the root of the palm

Lao Gong Point
Stimulating Lao Gong Point can help strengthen the pericardium meridian, keep you awake, refresh the mind, and also clear the heart fire.
Location: depressed point that extending down from the middle finger and ring finger to meet

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