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杞子 — 性平,可養腎補肝,有補精益氣、強筋骨、明目的功效,可補肝血,尤其適合肝腎陰虛的人士服用,可紓緩腰膝痠軟、頭暈目眩、視物不清、眼睛乾澀等症狀。脾虛便溏、易有腹瀉人士不宜多吃。

紅豆 — 性平,具補血和胃功效,有助紓緩集中力不夠、氣血虛弱等症狀。適合各體質人士服用。注意感冒未清者不宜多服。

紅棗 — 性溫,有養氣補血、補脾之效,適合氣血兩虛及身體偏寒人士食用。氣血旺盛、體質偏燥熱,易有暗瘡、便秘人士不應多吃。

蓮子 — 性平,能養心安神,健脾止瀉,補腎固精。有改善氣血虛弱、心慌不安、失眠多夢、女士多帶下或男士遺精等症狀。注意容易便秘及腹脹者不宜多服。


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Four ingredients to improve sleep quality

Chinese medicine studies believe summer is the time to nourish the heart, because this particular season belongs to the fire element, and the fiery qi passes through the heart. Moreover, the hot weather increases perspiration, as the Chinese saying goes, “sweat is the fluid of the heart”, excessive sweating can easily damage the qi of the heart, causing people to feel frustrated and disturbed, which subsequently affects our sleep quality.

As another Chinese saying goes, “red enters the heart”, which means foods that are red in color can replenish the qi and blood and improve blood circulation. For instance, wolfberries, red beans and red dates. Appropriate use of naturally red foods can nourish the blood, and is especially beneficial for individuals with qi and blood deficiency, as they can give us a radiant facial complexion, nourish the heart and mind, and help us sleep better.

Wolfberry – mild in nature; nourishes the kidney and liver; can replenish the qi, strengthen the joints and bones, and brighten the vision. Since wolfberry also nourishes the blood of the liver, it is suitable for people whose liver and kidney suffer from Yin deficiency. Consuming it can also alleviate soreness of the waist and knees, dizziness and improve blurred vision, as well as the dry eye syndrome. Individuals with loose stools and issues with spleen deficiency, and those with diarrhea problem should not consume it excessively.

Red bean – mild in nature; can replenish the blood and stomach, improve concentration, and strengthen the qi and blood. It is suitable for everyone to consume, but anyone who still experiences coughing should eat with caution.

Chinese date – warm in nature; can replenish the qi and blood, and nourish the spleen. It is suitable for individuals with qi and blood deficiency, and cold body conditions. Those with exuberant qi and blood, hot body conditions, and people who easily develop acne and with constipation issues are not encouraged to consume excessively.

Lotus seed – mild in nature; can calm the heart and mind, strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea, and replenish the kidney. It will also improve the qi and blood, reduce anxiety, alleviate insomnia and excessive dreaming, women’s excessive virginal discharge and men’s nocturnal emission (wet dream). Individuals prone to constipation and stomach bloating should limit its intake.

✔ Recommendation: Red Bean Rice Water
Effects: Achieves rosy complexion, calms the mind and improve sleep, replenishes blood and nourish the stomach

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