February 2, 2020



減肥方法五花百門,最近就流行一種「真空收腹法」(Stomach Vacuum),據說每天只做1分鐘,堅持每天進行,一兩個月就看到成效,有助令腰肢纖瘦。方法如下:
1. 站立時將肺內的氣呼出。
2. 慢慢收縮肚子保持凹狀,維持這個狀態並閉氣10-20秒。
3. 重覆剛才動作三次。


Relax for a minute- stomach vacuum
There are many ways to lose weight. “Stomach Vacuum” has become popular recently. It supposedly only takes 1 minute a day but you must do it daily. You can see results in one or two months, and see a difference in your waistline and legs. Methods as below:
1. Exhale air from your lungs while standing.
2. Slowly shrink your belly to keep it concave. Keep the position and hold your breath for 10-20 seconds.
3. Repeat it three times.

The principle of this exercise is to stimulate deep core muscles through abdominal pressure. You must not do it too hard. If you have any discomfort, stop and rest. It is better to incorporate with diet and other exercise to lose weight.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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