July 14, 2017




Check your body constitution before clearing fetal toxicity.
Often times, pregnant ladies would ask how they can clear ‘fetal toxicity’ in the later stages of pregnancy to prevent the heat pathogens from affecting the baby and causing issues such as eczema and heat rash. A lot of pregnant ladies have aversion to heat because the baby is ‘body of primordial yang’ and it is as if you are carrying a little heater around. Feeling hot, however, does not mean you have fetal toxicity unless you are experiencing true heat-like symptoms and habits. Frequent late nights, eating a lot of greasy, fried and strong flavored foods, irritability caused by having spicy food, pimples, canker sores, bad breath, dry throat, excessive thirst, yellowish urine are all signs you should clear heat and fetal toxicity accordingly. However, the correct approach would be to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner first. If you are not experiencing any of these heat-like symptoms or already have an asthenic cold body constitution to begin with, then the talks about fetal toxicity are not needed as it does not exist in your body. Furthermore, if you attempt to clear something that does not exist in your body, you could hurt your own and the baby’s vital energy.
When you experience heat in your body, trying eating appropriate amounts of cold-natured foods such as watermelon, winter melon, corn slik. Use the nature of foods to try to correct the heat in your body. The most important thing for pregnant ladies is still to relax and try not to listen to common hearsay and blindly follow others to clear fetal toxicity.

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