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Avoid eggplant if you have itchy skin
Stimulating food generally refers to those that can lead to fire in body, phlegm production, sores, allergy or leading to relapse of old issues and worsening of new symptoms. For those who have eczema or skin allergies, you should know that if you eat bamboo shoots, shrimp, crab, beef or goose during attack period, itching and discomfort will definitely become more serious. But many of you do not know that common vegetables such as eggplant are also a stimulating ingredients. Ancient Chinese medicine book mentioned that it causes wind and sores so patients should avoid it. Eggplant can activate wind, which can worsen sore symptoms. It is especially not suitable for those with skin allergies, eczema and hives.

There is good season to eat eggplant in the early autumn. This kind of vegetable is also a favourite choice of many mothers. It is healthy and delicious, and there are many cooking methods. Whether it is braised eggplant with minced pork, steamed or fried eggplant, they are common Cantonese home dishes. In fact, for those with eczema or sensitive skin, you should avoid this healthy vegetable or the itch may worsen.

Eggplant – cool in nature, can clear heat and promote blood circulation, loosen the bowels to relieve constipation. Suitable for those with hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, haemorrhoids. Because of its cold nature, those with asthenic and cold spleen and stomach, those prone to diarrhea, skin diseases such as eczema or skin allergies, and those with asthma, cancer, and lupus should not eat.

Long eggplant: common in purple, white and green, mostly used in Chinese cooking, mainly braised, steamed, or fried.
Round eggplant: round or oval, common in Japanese and Western-style grilled chops with meat sauce and cheese
Small eggplant: available in a variety of sizes, purple and green, mostly used in Southeast Asian cuisines, such as Thai Tom Yum Kung or Green Curry

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