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生蠔 / 蠔豉 — 性平,滋陰養血、補心安神,適合陰虛、煩熱、失眠、心神不安者食用。

青口 / 淡菜 — 性熱,有補肝腎、益精血的功效,適合氣血不足、肝腎不足、小便餘瀝、夜尿頻繁、婦女白帶過多者食用。

扇貝/瑤柱 — 性平,具滋陰補腎、調補脾胃的作用,尤其適合脾腎陽虛的夜尿頻多者食用。

蝦 — 性溫,具補腎、壯陽及通乳作用,適合腎陽不足、男性不育、性功能減退、腎虧腰腳痿弱者食用。

鮑魚 — 性平,滋陰清熱、補益肝腎,具調經、明目、潤腸功效,適合月經不調、腎虛小便頻繁、大便燥結者食用。

響螺 — 性寒,滋補肝腎、養顏補血、健脾養胃,適合陰虛火旺、腎虛尿頻人士食用。由於性寒,脾胃虛寒者及經期期間慎吃。

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Seafood to nourish the kidney and aid conception
It has been said that oyster is one of the many types of food that can help increase the chances of getting pregnant, because it is rich in zinc, which is an important component for health sperm. Hence, oyster is often regarded as an aphrodisiac.

From Chinese medicine perspective, oyster is neutral in nature, can nourish the yin and blood, and can relieve anxiety. However, Chinese medicine practitioners also do not encourage consumption of raw and cold food, so anyone wishes to eat oyster should have it cooked first, or opt for dried oyster, as both share the same properties.

Besides oyster, mussel (or dried mussel), scallop (or dried scallop), prawn, abalone and sea conch can also nourish the kidney. According to Chinese medicine theories, ‘liver stores blood, kidney stores essence’, essence in kidney is the foundation of life, hence, it is crucial to care for the kidney, if any man or woman wishes to increase their fertility.

Oyster / dried oyster – mild in nature; nourishes the yin and blood, calms anxiety; suitable for individuals with yin deficiency, insomnia problems, as well as people who are often frustrated and with high body heat, and with anxiety.
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