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“Awakening of Insects” in the solar terms refers to the awakening of hibernating insects when the thunder in spring resonates the sky. It also marks the return of the spring when creatures begin to become active again.

Since spring belongs to the wood element, it is associated with the liver. The yang energy in spring will cause the heat to grow in abundance in the liver. Hence, this is why we get frustrated and angry easily. During spring, we should drink floral tea to soothe the liver and carry out outdoor exercises to relieve our emotions and sweat it out to dispel dampness from the body.

Healthy living during Awakening of Insects Solar Term:
“Relieves stress and regulates qi. Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness.”

Fingered citron: Relieve depression and nourish qi, as well as nourish stomach and relieve pain.
Lily flower: Relieve depression and damp-heat.
Mung bean: Clears heat and detoxifies, promotes diuresis and reduces bloating.

Fingered citron and with lily flower tea with mung bean
Effects: Relieves stress and regulates qi. Nourishes the blood and calms the mind, relieves symptoms such as insomnia due to irritability and poor sleep quality.
Ingredients: 12g lily flower, 9g fingered citron, 20g mung bean
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine ingredients with 800 ml of water in a pot, and place over high heat until the water boils. Switch to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. The tea can be re-browed until flavour weakens.

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