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Learn about sichuan pepper
“I was told that drinking Sichuan pepper water can treat nasal allergies; chewing on Sichuan pepper can relieve toothache too, are these true?”

CheckCheckCin: Sichuan pepper, commonly used as a condiment, is also a type of medicine. From Chinese medicine perspective, Sichuan pepper is hot and spicy in nature, able to warm the body and dispel colds, and help get rid of the fishy odour.

The ability to dispel cold and remove dampness from the body makes Sichuan pepper a good food choice for individuals who experience the feeling of pain and cold on the stomach and the abdomen, poor appetite, abdominal gurgling and loose stools, rheumatoid arthritis, and menstrual cramps caused by cold conditions.

There are many causes of nasal allergies, and if cold-dampness is the culprit, perhaps Sichuan pepper might alleviate the symptoms, but will unlikely to resolve the root cause.

We often feel a numbing sensation when savouring the Sichuan pepper, this is because the pepper itself contains an essential oil that can relieve pain and is analgesic in nature. This is probably why chewing on Sichuan pepper helps relieve toothache. But again, the effect is just temporary as it does not address the core problem. Hence, consulting a dentist should be the ultimate solution.

Moreover, Sichuan pepper being hot in nature can easily cause individuals with hot body conditions to experience heat related symptoms such as sore throat, if this aromatic spice were to be consumed on a daily basis.

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