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You looking plump has nothing to do with the skirt

Girlfriend: Babe~ Does this skirt make me look fat?
Boyfriend: Not at all, you looking plump has nothing to do with the skirt.

Just like that, I became upset.

“Doc, I’m really mad! Teach me the fastest way to lose weight!”

CheckCheckCin: From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, we can customize weight loss plan according to individuals’ body conditions – asthenic weight and obesity. Individuals who are obese normally have a more sturdy physique, great appetite, and get hungry easily. On the other hand, those with asthenic weight would have loose muscles with cold and swollen limbs and constantly suffer from appetite loss.

Individuals with obesity problems should consume Chinese hawthorn and lotus leaves, as they can aid fat burn. They should not consume ingredients that are warm in nature and those that nourish the yin, such as fish maw and red date tea.

Those with asthenic weight need to take care of their spleen and stomach by strengthening the spleen and dispelling dampness from the body. Consume an appropriate amount of ingredients that can get rid of dampness, such as coix seed, white hyacinth bean, atractylodes (‘bai shu’), and poria.

Remember to have more meals throughout the day but eat less each time. Avoid eating raw and cold food as well and exercise daily. This can help us lose weight in a more sustainable and effective manner.

✔CheckCheckCin Beauty Tea Recommendation: Chubby
Ingredients: Chinese hawthorn, lotus leaf, corn silk
Effects: Promotes blood circulation and burns fat. Relieves rounded body, dark circles, dull complexion.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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