October 26, 2019

【優質睡眠】但願每晚都能Sleep like a baby







4 treasures to improve sleep quality
Sleeping is the natural rest mechanism of the human body. As people get older, they commonly have sleep issues such as insomnia and difficulty falling asleep due to factors related to environment, health, emotions and stress. Good sleep is very valuable. In addition to seeking professional advice to resolve insomnia, you can also use these gadgets to improve sleep.

Eye mask
The main purpose of wearing an eye mask is to block light, so it is important to ensure your eyemask is properly positioned to not leak light. 
In addition, there are some eye masks with additional functions, such as hot or cold compresses function, adding essential oils, or even adding moisturizing agents to improve skin quality and other beauty effect.

You can close your eyes but not ears. Therefore, people who are sensitive to sound, need the earplugs to isolate from noise. However, it is harmful that the earplugs reducing your alert. If there is a fire, the earplugs with great sound insulation will put you at risk.

Body Pillow
Pillows are generally placed under the head and neck to support the skull and cervical vertebrae. Gradually it seems that there should be more pillows and body pillows on the bed. When sleeping on the back, it will help the blood to flow back by placing a pillow under the feet. When sleeping on the side, holding a pillow in the abdomen is very comfortable. Find a pillow to place between the knees is conducive to relaxing the waist and back muscles. It is more difficult to fall asleep for pregnant women without pillows.

The temperature of the bedroom has a great impact on sleep. In addition to using the air conditioner to regulate the temperature, fan is another cheap and effective choice. Fans can keep the room well ventilated and cool, and can also create “white noise” – low decibel background sound frequency, similar sounds in nature are running water, sounds, waves. White noise helps many people fall asleep.
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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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