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— 避免進食發物如茄子、蘑菇、有殼海鮮等
— 早睡不熬夜,要有充足睡眠
— 保持情緒健康,找適合自己的宣洩方式
— 穿寬鬆柔軟透氣的衣物
— 洗澡時水温不過熱

Pressure causes shingles
“There have been a lot happening recently, and my life seems out of rhythm. Now I even have shingles, what bad luck.”

CheckCheckCin: Try not to over think it as shingles is very common. It may be a warning sign that the body needs more rest! The most important thing is to see a doctor, take medicine, and fine-tune your life and eating habits! Chinese medicine theory believes that shingles is in the category of herpes zoster. The affected area is full of red herpes, which can itch and sting. Because it follows the body’s nerve line and grows in a band, it is medically called “herpes zoster”, and there is a saying that “If the snake go across your body, you will die.” But this is just a myth. There are many causes for shingles, such as dampness and heat inside the body, heat invasion, asthenic spleen and dampness, or qi deficiency and blood stasis. It can also occur due to fire in the body from bad mood, liver depression and qi stagnation. The pain of shingles will also make people feel worse and form a vicious circle. Therefore, if you suspect that you have shingles, you should seek medical advice immediately. Also, try to relax. Try not to entangle your negative thoughts. Let your mind and body take a break.

Care Tips:
– Avoid eating stimulating food such as eggplant, mushrooms, shellfish.
– Go to bed early, have enough sleep.
– Keep your mood healthy and find a ways to relieve stress.
– Wear loose, soft and breathable clothing.
– Bath water temperature should not be too hot.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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