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1. 所有材料洗淨,青蘿蔔、紅蘿蔔去皮切塊。
2. 鍋中加入2000毫升水,放入全部材料,武火煮至水滾,調文火煮1小時,最後下鹽調味即可。

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Panax Notoginseng can relieve menstrual pain
Many women will experience abdominal pain prior to or during period. Besides pain on the abdomen, some might even experience pain all the way to the back and the waist, to the extent that they might not be able to get out of bed!

Menstrual pain is common, but should not be treated as a normal condition. From Chinese medicine perspective, menstrual pain on the abdomen is caused by the person’s body conditions. If such pain develops a day or two before, or even during menstruation, and often comes with pain, bloating or swelling on the abdomen and breasts, blood clots in the menstrual fluid and dark purplish lips, it is then considered blood stasis-related menstrual pain. This is due to the stagnation of the qi in liver that leads to the stagnation of the qi and blood circulation; hence, the occurrence of blood stasis causes such pain.

In order to relieve blood stasis-related menstrual pain, consume an appropriate amount of ingredients that can activate the blood and qi, such as Panax Notoginseng (‘tian qi’). Panax Notoginseng, also called ‘san qi’, belongs to the Araliaceae family. Its dried roots and stems have stasis removal, swelling reduction and pain relieving properties. At the same time, avoid eating raw and cold food; exercise regularly and find ways to relieve stress, as these measures will help soothe the liver and reduce menstrual pain.

Tips for soup to activate blood and relieve stasis:
Appropriately add in ingredients such as black fungus, Chinese hawthorn and black bean.

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