February 1, 2021




1. 2020年月曆
2. 過期的優惠券
3. 過時的外賣單張
4. 無用的信件
5. 寫不出字的筆
6. 不再鋒利的鉸剪
7. 過期的雜誌
8. 發黃的手機殼
9. 接觸不良的充電線
10. 剩下一隻的耳機
11. 不再戴的眼鏡
12. 幾年沒用的眼鏡布
13. 生銹的耳環
14. 失去彈性的襪子
15. 兩年沒有穿的鞋
16. 沒有用的鞋盒
17. 發黃的內衣
18. 快要斷掉的皮帶
19. 3年沒有用過的手袋
20. 殘舊的床單
21. 拉鏈壞掉的咕?套
22. 放著沒用的保溫瓶
23. 1年沒用過的杯子
24. 沒意義的紀念品
25. 不合用的贈品
26. 過期的會員咭
27. 超市便利店的印花
28. 銀包內無用的單據
29. 以為自己會吃的零食
30. 早已穿不下的衣服
31. 已過期的食物
32. 獨立調味料包
33. 用不完的外賣餐具
34. 囤積的膠袋/購物袋
35. 過期藥物

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How to begin spring-cleaning before Lunar New Year?
35-item checklist for your reference

‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is something we look forward to during the Lunar New Year season, but every time we look at the things we have kept, we do not know where to begin. Even the god of fortune would have run away if he sees the mess!

Lunar New Year is around the corner, so it is time for us to start spring-cleaning. We can take this opportunity to give our home a facelift and the same time, help us start fresh again in a new year. When we go through things in the house, we need to differentiate the ‘wants’ from the ‘needs’, and from there, we will learn to cut down on things we do not need.

Don’t know where to start? Fret not! Here is a checklist of 35 items that might be helpful to you.

1. 2020 calendar
2. Expired coupons
3. Expired delivery orders and receipts
4. Letters that are no longer important
5. Pens that do not work anymore
6. Scissors with blunt edges
7. Old magazines
8. Mobile phone cases that have turned yellow
9. Chargers with connection problem
10. Earphones that no longer function properly
11. Spectacles we do not wear anymore
12. Glasses wipe we have not used in years
13. Rusted earrings
14. Socks that are no longer elastic
15. Shoes we have not worn in two years
16. Shoeboxes with no practical use
17. Undergarments that have turned yellow
18. Belts that are almost falling apart
19. Handbags we have not used in 3 years
20. Old and torn bed sheets
21. Cushion covers with broken zippers
22. Thermal flasks we do not use anymore
23. Cups we have not used in a year
24. Insignificant memorabilia
25. Gifts we do not use
26. Expired membership cards
27. Unused stamps from convenient stores
28. Old receipts in our wallet
29. Snacks we thought we would eat but did not
30. Clothes that do not fit us anymore
31. Expired food
32. Seasoning sachets
33. Utensils from take out food
34. Excess plastic bags / shopping bags
35. Expired medicine

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