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Coughing at night does not necessarily mean cold cough
I seem to have a recurrent flu lately and wake up coughing at night frequently, is it a cold cough?
CheckCheckCin: Most people think coughing during the day is a heat related cough and night time would be cold, but that is a misconception. Cold wind or hot wind cough should be determined based on symptoms. Cold wind cough symptoms usually include itchy throat, white coloured phlegm, stuffed nose, runny nose. Hot wind cough symptoms usually include dry and sore throat, yellowish phlegm and mucus, and thirst. So the symptoms are quite different.
If you find yourself waking up at night from coughing, you can try to understand it from flow of the meridians. There are 12 meridians in the human body, and each one corresponds to a specific organ. According to the midnight-noon and ebb-flow doctrine, every meridian flows at different times. The lung meridian flows from 3am to 5am, this is the time when the liver transports blood to the lungs to allow lung qi to spread all over the body. Those with qi deficiency or lacking in lung function may experience cough and laboured breathing. To resolve this issue, you should find a Chinese medicine practitioner to give you proper treatment. You can also regularly press on the acupoint on the lung meridian to allow lung qi and blood to flow properly, replenish lungs and nourish qi.
Keep a healthy lunch meridian
Location: see corresponding illustration
Method: Gently hit the area with your palm for 1 minute
Effect: Maintain healthy lungs

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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