June 4, 2021




? 壽司

? 漢堡包+薯條

? 餐蛋麵

? 凍檸茶/汽水


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Postpartum cravings
After going through months of pregnancy and hours of painful childbirth, new mothers can finally satisfy their cravings. So what kinds of foods do mothers crave for after giving birth to their children? According to unofficial statistics, the foods they crave for are those that they had to abstain from during pregnancy.

? Sushi
The raw and cold sushi is a big no-no during pregnancy as they may contain parasites. Not able to enjoy sushi for ten months is an unbearable experience for some moms.

? Burgers + fries
Many pregnant women give birth in the middle of the night, and they may want to enjoy the delicious burgers and fries from fast food restaurants, as they operate 24 hours a day.

? Noodles with spam and egg
During pregnancy, many women would avoid eating spam or luncheon meat and instant noodles. Being able to enjoy a hearty bowl of warm and spicy noodles with spam and egg is one of the greatest enjoyments in life.

? Iced lemon tea/soda
Many pregnant moms stop drinking cold beverages. Enjoying a glass of iced lemon tea or soda after delivering the babies can definitely satisfy their cravings.

A Chinese physician’s reminder:
It is best to eat light but nutritious food after childbirth. Try to eat more cooked, steamed, and stewed foods as the stomach and the spleen can absorb them more easily. Avoid eating raw, cold, deep fried, and greasy foods. Those who have gone through the C-section should eat liquid diet for a start.

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