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1. 綠茶茶包加暖水沖泡約3分鐘,切開百香果挖出果肉,加入綠茶中拌勻。
2. 薄荷葉洗淨加入綠茶中攪拌,按個人喜好加入適量蜂蜜拌勻即可。

‘Li Xia’(Start of Summer solar term) marks the beginning of summer. The day gets longer while the night gets shorter, and the temperature warmer. Summer belongs to the sign of fire, and heat would affect the heart. Hence, it is crucial to take care of the heart during this season.

Try adjusting to a less hectic lifestyle, and avoid physically demanding activities especially when directly under the sun. Instead, opt for moderate activities such as hiking, strolling, and slow-walking.

Avoid sweating buckets, and drink a lot of water to rehydrate the body. Eating clean can help regulate the qi in the stomach and can in turn strengthen our defense mechanism against the summer heat.

Also, consume foods that are sour in taste because it can prevent the exhaustion of the yin energy when we sweat. At the same time, sour food can also induce salivation, quench thirst, strengthen the stomach, and clear gastrointestinal stagnation.

Healthy living during Start of Summer Solar Term:
“Clear heart and reduce heat, strengthen the spleen and stomach”

Passion fruit: increases appetite, induces salivation and relieves dryness
Mint: dispels wind-heat and relieves rashes
Green tea: clears heat, promotes fluid production and quenches thirst

Green tea with mint and passion fruit
Effects: Clears heat and induces salivation. Relieves bad breath, eye stains and yellowish urine.
Ingredients: 1 passion fruit, a few pieces of mint, 1 green tea tea bag, honey to taste
1. Brew the green tea tea bag with warm water for 3 minutes. Cut the passion fruit in half and take out the flesh. Add into the green tea.
2. Rinse the mint leaves. Add into the green tea and stir. Add honey to taste.

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