January 22, 2018

【我畏寒系列】暖貼 VS 穴位




• 避免把暖包直接貼在皮膚上,以減低燙傷的機會,建議把暖包貼於內衣上。
• 睡眠時不適宜使用暖包,因暖包放在床鋪內,其溫度會較正常高,易燙傷肌膚。

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How to use adhesive warming pads properly?

The observatory is predicting a drop in temperature this Friday so be sure to stay warm. From a Chinese medicine perspective, qi stagnation, qi deficient, blood asthenia, and yang deficient body types are especially prone to having cold limbs. To release the discomfort from cold, some people may use hoy towels, hot coarse salt or ginger slice on acupoints to open up the channels and meridians and promote smooth qi and blood circulation. To urbanites, the easiest way is to use adhesive warming pads. Today we will introduce the spirit gate and origin pass acupuncture points to use the warming pads with.

Spirit gate point: located in the center of the belly button. It is a major point and can open up all organ qi.
Origin pass point: 3 inches below the belly button

– avoid placing the warming pad directly on your skin to prevent potential burns. It is best to stick them onto your under shirt.
– don’t use the warming pads during sleep as the temperature under your blanket is higher and may lead to burning your skin.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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