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– 適量飲用健脾胃的強身湯水
– 適量進食粗糧
– 每天飲用米水(1歲以上適宜飲用)
– 少吃生冷寒涼飲品或食物
– 少吃甜食


Start nourishing your spleen and stomach at a young age
My child is 3 years old, eats normally, but he’s still quite small and skinny. I’d like him to be stronger, is there a way to get him to eat more?
CheckCheckCin: When children don’t seem to grow, it may not be related to how much you eat, but rather due to asthenic spleen and stomach and nutrients is nor properly absorbed into the body. Usual accompanying symptoms include poor appetite, prone to colds/flus, pale and dull complexion, shortness of breath, vocal weakness, excessive sweating, abdominal fullness and bloating, loose stool or constipation.
Chinese medicine theory says that children’s organs have not completely developed yet so they are prone to digestive issues. This is especially true for those that frequent consume cold/raw foods or drinks and sweets as these can add to the burden of the spleen and stomach. Try to reduce the amount of cold/raw food consumption, strengthen the spleen with ingredients such as potatoes, Chinese yam, lotus seeds, fox nuts, soy beans.
Tips to strengthen the spleen and stomach for kids:
– appropriately have soups that strengthen the spleen and stomach
– have coarse grains appropriately
– Drink rice water daily (suitable for those 1 year old or older)
– Reduce consumption of cold/raw food and drinks
– Have less sweets

Some people say it is better to use rice water to make formula milk, is that true?
We do not recommend using rice water to make milk as formula is created to fulfil daily needs of infant nutrients and it is created to use regular water. If you want your children to drink rice water, try to entice them to drink it separately as it is suitable for children 1 year old or above. Start by having 60ml per day of rice water.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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