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珍珠 — 性寒,味甘鹹,具安神定驚,明目消翳,抗衰駐顏的作用,適用於神志不寧、心煩不寐、小兒夜啼、目赤紅腫者食用。在美容養顏方面亦功效顯著,據資料記載,慈禧太后每隔10天就要服用1銀匙高級珍珠粉以作美顏養生之用,亦可外敷作面膜用。要注意珍珠屬性寒涼,脾胃虛寒者不宜服用。

Pearl powder can calm the mind and nourish skin
One of the concubines on Story of Yan Xi Palace was pregnant and the queen gifted her with pearl powder to calm her mind and stabilize the pregnancy. However, a villain concubine changed it to conch meal in an attempt to harm the pregnancy. According to Chinese medicine theory, pearl powder can calm the mind, but since pearl is very hard and tough, it has to be grinded very finely to have any effects. Conch meal is powder made from cooking shell at very high temperature then breaking down into powder. It is not poisonous but does not have any healing effect.
Pearl- cold in nature, can calm the mind, improve vision, and act as anti-aging agent. It is suitable for those with anxiety, irritability, children with night terror, and red eyes. From a beauty perspective, its healing effects do stand out. According to historical references, Empress Dowager Cixi has a teaspoon of high quality powdered pearl every 10 days as well as using it as a facial mask. Note that pearl is cold in nature, those with asthenic spleen and stomach should not consume.

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