February 22, 2020



Home Office辦公時間有開工無收工,頻看WhatsApp生怕遺漏任何訊息,彷彿患了「繼續Home Office驚恐症」。

Take a break from your phone
The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed many people’s habits.
Some are anxious about face mask availability as they have less and less of them. 
Others are afraid of germs so they wash their hands 10 or more times more than before.
Some scramble to lay their hands on rice, toilet paper and disinfectant when receiving “inside information from supermarket”. They are worried about lack of stock.
There is no off time when people work from home. People have to worry about missing WhatsApp messages, and may develop fear of working from home. 
Chinese medicine believes that anger hurts the liver, anxiety hurts the spleen, worry hurts the lungs, fears hurts the kidneys. While they are worrying about getting infected with COVID-19, their body is already affected by emotions.
When people are anxious and in fear, they cannot distinguish right from wrong well. Then they will become more anxious. When you feel anxious, you may need to put down your phone, stop thinking and take a deep breath, observe and feel the body, or do exercise. Do not let the anxious emotions take over your mind. Slow down when receiving information. It helps us to make a more rational response. If you experience emotional distress, it is recommended to seek professional support.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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