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四年一度世界盃,大家「攞正牌」熬夜看足球, 睡眠時間少質素也欠佳,加上「睇波三寶」薯片、杯麵及啤酒助興,第二朝起身趕返工如行屍走肉般,頭痛、眼乾、黑眼圈、出暗瘡、口乾、口氣、生痱滋、消化不良、小便偏黃、大便偏乾(粒粒屎),甚至便秘症狀總有幾款,精神狀態仿如靈魂出竅。

– 飲食宜清淡,多喝湯水、粥品
– 避免進食辛辣、煎炸油膩食物
– 少喝咖啡、奶茶
– 將「睇波三寶」換成新鮮生果、生果脆片、果仁、乳酪、綠茶、花茶
– 多吃清熱滋陰食材如花旗參、菊花、蜂蜜、雪梨等

1. 雪耳泡水至發大,剪去蒂並撕成小塊備用;百合及蓮子洗淨;木瓜去皮去籽切大塊備用。
2. 雪耳、百合、蓮子及木瓜放入鍋中,加水至蓋過所有材料,武火煮至水滾,改文火加蓋煮30-40分鐘,加入適量冰糖調味煮至溶化即可。

You need to clear heat and nourish yin if you are watching world cup late at night

World cup happens every four years so everyone has the good reason to stay up to watch the games. You sleep less and coupled with snacks like chips, instant noodles and beer during the game. You are practically a walking zombie the next morning with a headache, dry eyes, dark eye circles, pimples, dry mouth, bad breath, canker sores, indigestion, yellowish urine, dry stool, or even constipation. Your overall energy is zapped.

People naturally should be active during the day and rest at night as your yang qi is activated in the day time. Resting at night is to stop your yang qi from staying activated, so staying up at night leads to yang not converting to yin. Chinese medicine believes late nights can hurt yin and yin deficiency leads to heat in body. The symptoms above means yin deficient body constitution so be careful not to drink a lot of cool herbal tea to clear heat as you may further hurt your yin. You need to clear heat as well as nourish yin to balance the two.

If you can’t avoid staying up to watch the games, then adjust your dietary habits accordingly:
– have lighter meald with more soup and congee
– avoid spicy, fried and oily foods
– drink less coffee and milk tea
– have fruits, fruit chips, nuts, yogurt, green tea or floral tea during games
– have more ingredients that clear heat and nourish yin such as American ginseng, chrysanthemum, honey, pear, etc

Recommended dessert soup:
Papaya soup with snow fungus and lily bulbs
Effects: clears heat and nourishes yin, moisturizes skin, clears heat related to frequent late nights
Ingredients: 1 snow fungus, 15g lily bulbs, 60g fresh lotus seeds with core (20g if dried), 1 midsize papaya, rock sugar to taste
1. Soak snow fungus in water until it expands. Cut off the stem and rip into small pieces. Rinse lily bulbs and lotus seeds. Peel papaya, remove seeds and cut into large pieces.
2. Place snow fungus, lily bulbs, lotus seeds into pot and add enough water to submerge all ingredients. Cook on high heat until boiling and turn to low heat and simmer for 30-40 minutes. Add in rock sugar and cook until it has melted.

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