November 7, 2023


南杏(sweet almonds) — 又稱甜杏仁,外觀大而扁,性平,有潤肺、潤腸通便功效,尤其適合肺氣虛弱人士飲用。感冒未清者、容易反覆腹瀉者都不適合食用。

北杏(bitter almonds) — 又稱苦杏仁,主要為入藥用途,外觀小而厚,味苦,有少毒,有袪痰止咳、平喘及潤腸的功效;治外感咳嗽、氣喘的功效較強,亦能紓緩便秘症狀。因帶有少許毒性,切忌服用生或未經處理的北杏。

堅果杏仁(almonds) — 又名巴旦杏,是扁桃或巴旦杏的種子,體積比南北杏大得多。屬性平和,有潤肺及潤腸的功效,多作為堅果零食或食材之用。

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How to differentiate between almonds?
Sweet almonds vs Bitter almonds vs Almonds

Almonds are excellent for lung moisturization during autumn. However, almonds can be categorized into sweet almonds, bitter almonds, and nut-form almonds. What are the differences?

Chinese culinary techniques often employ both sweet and bitter almonds in dishes like soups, almond tea, almond tofu, and more. Nut-form almonds with their skin are commonly found in Western desserts and snacks.

Sweet almonds – they look larger than bitter almonds. They are mild in nature and can moisten the lungs and bowels, and relieve constipation. They are especially suitable for those with weak lung qi. They are not suitable for those recovering from a cold or flu, or those prone to diarrhea.

Bitter almonds – they look smaller and thicker than sweet almonds. Mainly used medicinally. They taste bitter and naturally contain small amounts of toxins. They can relieve phlegm, cough and wheezing as well as moisten the bowels. They are effective in treating external coughs and help to relieve constipation as well. Due to the toxins, do not eat them raw or unprocessed.

Almonds – also known as baadaam, and they are much larger than sweet and bitter almonds. They are mild in nature and can moisten the lungs and bowels. Typically almonds are eaten as snacks or used as a cooking ingredient.

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