January 29, 2018




1. 一星期都會頭痛3-4日?
2. 怎睡也不夠精神?
3. 經常出現消化不良和胃氣脹?
4. 睡眠質素欠佳,明明很累卻難以入睡又易半夜驚醒?
5. 有時食慾不振,有時卻似控制不了地吃得多?
6. 大便不調,出現先成形後稀爛?
7. 不再青春但暗瘡依舊或有其他皮膚問題如風疹?
8. 心情經常煩躁不安?
9. 緊張時會腹瀉?
10. 女性會有痛經或經期不準的問題?

1﹣4: 你屬都市人都會有的生活壓力,做事不要過分執著,喝杯玫瑰花茶行氣疏肝!


8﹣全中:你的壓力爆錶,已在逐步影響你的健康! 不管你要裸辭還是要換個工作環境,為了身體著想,都要換個工作方式或檢討一下自己的生活模式。放下工作,好好休息,養好肝疏好氣再回來好好戰鬥!

In the beginning of the year all the airlines have discounts and deals for travel, have you thought about going on a solo vacation? Work stress can be tiring and even give you odd pressure related symptoms, see if you have any of the below and give yourself an excuse to getaway!

Are you overloaded with stress?
1. Do you get a headache 3-4 days out of the week?
2. Feel tired no matter how much you sleep?
3. Frequently have abdominal bloating and indigestion?
4. Sleeping poorly? And feel like you can’t sleep even if you’re exhausted? Waking up easily in the middle of the night startled?
5. Sometimes you don’t have any appetite, other times you can’t stop eating?
6. Irregular bowel movement? Stool changes from solid to running the the same bowel movement?
7. You’re not in puberty but continued to have acne and other skin issues like hives?
8. Irritable?
9. Have diarrhea when you’re nervous?
10. For ladies, you have irregular menstruation and menstrual pain?

If you scored,
1-4: you’re an urbanite with typical stress, try not to be too stubborn and have a cup of rose tea to relieve stress.
5-8: you have quite a bit of stress! You need to properly destress. Do some exercise to relax yourself, and be sure to have proper stress relief channels and don’t let emotions control you!
8- all of them: you’re overloaded with stress and it is slowly affecting your health as well. Whether it’s taking off for vacation or changing your job, for the sake of your health, make some changes and take a good look at how you live your life. Put down your work, take a break, relieve the stress and then come back stronger!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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