June 7, 2023

見到女明星說每天在飲品中加入奇亞籽(Chia seeds),一星期減了5磅真的很吸引,以為奇亞籽是「超級食物」(Superfood)應該有益無害便跟著天天吃,結果換來胃痛、便秘甚至腸阻塞。


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Random consumption of chia seeds can lead to constipation
Occasionally, female celebrities claim to have lost five pounds in a week simply by adding chia seeds to their beverages. This may sound appealing, especially for those who consider chia seeds a Superfood, assuming it is harmless to consume them daily. However, this often results in stomach aches, constipation, and even gastrointestinal stagnation.
It is important to note that Superfood does not have a scientific or regulatory definition. Manufacturers frequently apply this term to various foods to boost sales. Even though certain foods are beneficial, their consumption should be tailored to individual constitution.
Chia seeds, derived from sage, are known for their blood pressure-lowering and blood sugar-regulating effects. When soaked in water, they expand and form a gel-like substance, providing a feeling of fullness and promoting regular bowel movements. It is essential to drink an adequate amount of water after consuming chia seeds, as they are high in fibre.
Excessive fibre intake and insufficient water consumption can lead to constipation and gastrointestinal stagnation. Individuals with weak spleens and stomachs should also avoid excessive consumption of chia seeds. Furthermore, chia seeds have blood pressure-lowering effects, making them unsuitable for individuals with low blood pressure.

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